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Hailed as one of the most reputable and responsive contracting company in Iraq, Sippor has a particular reputation for major infrastructure projects in the public as well as the private sector. Its main activities encompasses various sectors of the construction industry with involvement in general building construction, infrastructure and civil construction.

This division is managed by highly qualified people with many years of experience and technical expertise to their credit, gathered from execution and completion of different types of contracts and critical projects. Sippor emphasizes on Quality, Design, Delivery and Services, performed by its complete in-house team of creative experts in the following niche market segments:

Main stream building construction
Civil engineering and infrastructure works
Interior architecture and building works

Some of the company’s large-scale well-known construction work undertaken includes:

Cables setting in Baghdad, 132 Kv (1977)
Water Plant / pumping (1978): subcontracting with Slovakian company Rade in Diala
Water pumps for isolated concrete streams (1979)
Biggest dalmage/water pumps in Babel (1979): subcontracting with Slovakian Union Engineering Company
Water pumps Badouch in Mousel (1979)
High voltage 132 Kv for around 110 Km from Khales to Baakouba (1990)